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The Wattworx initial study, with a 24-Hour turnaround, provides a high-level indication of a site’s potential for a solar plant – all we require is access to utility bills and the site address, and our study report will indicate the site potential. This service is provided free of charge and carries no obligations.

Should the initial study indicate positive potential, our in-depth study will provide a detailed report on the technical components, energy forecast, cost estimates and comparative financial options for your site.

Solar site potential

Procurement management

Installing a renewable energy plant can be a complex process with a steep learning curve, and requires a deep understanding of the technical and financial aspects of the process to avoid making expensive mistakes.

Our renewable energy advisory services will provide the insight and advice to ensure that you receive a high quality product at the most cost effective price.

Our services are tailored to individual customer needs.

  • Compliance advisory
  • Contract management
  • Cost advisory
  • Financial RFP and advisory
  • Installation and commissioning management
  • System specification
  • Tender adjudication
  • Tender documents

Asset management

Reliable asset management requires a reliable administration operation. Our PowerHub® platform enables us to customise and automate many of the tedious administration tasks, thus improving both reliability and performance while reducing operational costs.

From task allocation and work order tracking to pulling reliable annual integrated report information, Wattworx is ready to set up your assets to secure you a greater return on investment.

Our services are tailored to individual customer requirements and include:

  • Asset register
  • Asset valuation
  • Contract management – O&M, insurance, financial
  • Document management – supplier contracts
  • Power reporting- technical and financial KPIs to reliable integrated report information
  • Technical operations and maintenance